17 South St. / 75 Pearl St.

Well, i typed an entire post about these, and the blog ate them so… lol

75 Pearl St. – Corner building.  Shop w/ vaulted ceiling apartment.  53 LI.

75 Pearl st interior 140075 Pearl st 1400

17 South St.  7 Story building.  Features shop space w/ 2 level apartment.  Only 48 LI.

17 South St 140017 South St 3 70017 South St 2 1400

Both are available to see in-world at the  <a href=”http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valiere/205/182/29&#8243; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Mainstore</a>.


Pier 6, 7 & More

With the closing of 1920’s New York, my personal recreation project of the Lower part of Manhattan in the nineteen twenties, i now bring you more from that collection.  Builds that were previously exclusively made for that project, now available to help your designs & sims come to life.  All available to see in-world at our Mainstore.

Stay tuned: More buildings & decor to be released shortly.

Pier 6:  1749L.  75 – 99LI.  C/M.  Purchase on Marketplace or at our Mainstore.Pier 6 1400

Pier 7:  1749L.  80 – 99LI.  C/M.  Purchase on Marketplace or at our Mainstore.Pier 7 1400

Ornate Metal Lamp: 149L.  3 LI.  C/M. Purchase on Marketplace or at our Mainstore.Ornate Metal Lamp 1400.png

Sea Wall:  199L.  1 LI.  C/M.  Purchase on Marketplace or at our Mainstore. Stone Wall 1400.png

Barricade Chain Post:  99L.  1 LI.  C/M.   Purchase on Marketplace or at our Mainstore.Barricade Chain1400.png

Presenting: Old New York Series

Presenting: Old New York Series, from the “1920’s New York Project”.  I present a collection of buildings & decor built from the real 1920’s New York in lower Manhattan.  Many of these buildings  no longer exist, and were replicated using old photos & research.

More are added as they are built.   All available to view in-world at our Mainstore, or on our Marketplace.


All Gacha – Now Exchangeable!

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary of building all original content in Second Life, we are now offering copy + mod versions of all old and new gacha sets!

This includes any gacha we’ve made in the past.  Simply box it up, and send it to yogijo Resident (Jogi Schultz)

Gacha exchange box w/ instructions @ our mainstore

Gacha Exchange Announcement.png

May Events!

So many events coming early May 2017!
Deco(c)rate, Builder’s Box & 6 Republic Event!

So excited for you all to see what i’ve made for both crates!
Be sure to join the crate groups in-world, as sneak peeks are released!

Deco(c)rate: 15 designers, all home & decor items around a revolving monthly theme.


Builder’s Box!  A new quarterly crate, catering to nothing but buildings!

Builders Box May

6 Republic Event – May 6 – 20th.

6 republic

To pre-order for either crate, drop by our in-world store and pay the kiosk HERE